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New banner dedicated

The "Apprentice Boys" were one of the strongest lodges in the nineteenth century. Formed in the 1840s, one of its leading members was Viscount Castlereagh. Before the building of the Orange Hall it used to meet in the Good Templar Hall which was situated in West Street.

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Newtownards District consists of twelve lodges making up a membership of over 300. Each lodge holds a monthly meeting, where issues affecting the lodge are discussed. Though much of the business is of a formal nature, there is much social gathering between the members as well. If you would like to talk to someone about joining, contact us

New banner dedicated

In May 2014, the lodge dedicated a new banner at an event in the Orange Hall. Guests of the lodge on the occasion were Bro. Jim Shannon MP and Bro. Jeffrey Donaldson MP and the lodge were also supported by a large number of Orangemen and women from the district.

The new banner features William of Orange on his white horse crossing the River Boyne with the reverse naturally depicting the scene of the 13 apprentice boys closing the gates of Derry at the beginning of the siege of 1688.